The memory keepers

The memory keepers

Written by: Sarah Allison

What I did: illustrations, formatting

The process:
When Sarah showed me the story, I was incredibly moved. We started with an idea and we didn't agree to continue. That's when I noticed that I needed to research the main theme to know how to explain and show it in illustrations for children. This helped me a lot to show what the text needed to go through, from the type of stroke, more visually palpable, to the purple color as the main color. It is the official color of the association and that is why I wanted it to be present on all pages, as a base color or just with details. In addition, we used a lot of external illustrations and at different angles, making the story more dynamic. And we had family references, with photos on the walls, illustrations based on real photos and characters. The layout asked for a more linear, “calm” text. And that's why we built a book that, despite being a heavy and difficult to explain topic, we manage to represent it in the lightest way possible.


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