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About me

I'm Laura, a children's book illustrator since 2019 - but I think I've been there forever. I was born in 1996 in a small town in the interior of Santa Catarina. I graduated in Architecture and Urbanism from UFFS Erechim and then had the privilege of rushing to embrace the arts. I've liked creating since I was a child because I think the world itself is very boring without some crazy creations from our heads. Have you noticed? Creating is what keeps us alive, just like art. Along the path I chose, I have illustrated more than ninety children's books and written one, guess what... About feeling! And today, more than ever, I see the need for culture and diversity in relation to writing and art.
Oh, in my free time? I like watching horror movies, visiting people I like for afternoon coffee, cuca (sweet bread) from my grandmother's house and being silent. I like hanging drawings on the walls, playing with my godson, walking through the streets of my city and I love it when it rains and I can hear the sound of the drops. I like that you are here and read to the end. Thank you for that.

My Process

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    This step consists of a lot of dialog with the client to understand how he/she is imagining the proposal, thus creating a briefing. I always say that working on a book requires cooperation, that's why everything needs to be taken into account.

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    On the second step a lot of research happens from what was discussed with the client, piecing together all the main ideas he/she had - sometimes even specific character features - and with that, looking for references to create our sketches and our ideas.

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    Here I organize and format all the sketches to deliver the client a complete file so he/she can see how the end result is going to look like, this way we can analyze and organize in the best way, together.

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    Coloring and touch-up

    Finally, we decide the color palette and start to paint the illustrations following what we agreed. Here is also when the final touches are added to the formatting and organization of the file for printing.

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