Book cover for Buááááááá


Writer: Liliane Tosta Costa

What I did: Illustrations, formatting, organized to printing.

The process:
This rhymed story needed delicated illustrations: here, we used main character alone a lot of the time - showing how important it is to overcome obstacles that makes us sad. That’s why we made anoter character that’s always with her: a sloth bear. He represented the strength and courage to face everything that we need.
The strong and vibrant colors - always blue/purple - helped to represent the story. The backgrounds with flowers represent the character evolution and how much she grew up on the story. Elements like this helps bringing the essence of the book visually.

BUÁÁÁÁÁÁÁÁÁ_1.jpgBUÁÁÁÁÁÁÁÁÁdfdf.jpgIMG_20211123_093926.jpgIMG_20211217_155023.jpgBuááááááá book image #5